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MReportEngine Class Reference

#include <mreportengine.h>

Inheritance diagram for MReportEngine:


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Detailed Description

Kugar report engine
Mutiny Bay Software

Definition at line 34 of file mreportengine.h.

Public Types

enum  PageOrientation { Portrait, Landscape }
enum  PageSize {
  A4, B5, Letter, Legal,
  Executive, A0, A1, A2,
  A3, A5, A6, A7,
  A8, A9, B0, B1,
  B10, B2, B3, B4,
  B6, B7, B8, B9,
  C5E, Comm10E, DLE, Folio,
  Ledger, Tabloid, NPageSize

Public Slots

void slotCancelRendering ()


void preferedTemplate (const QString &)
void signalRenderStatus (int)

Public Member Functions

int getRenderSteps ()
 MReportEngine (const MReportEngine &mReportEngine)
 MReportEngine ()
MReportEngine operator= (const MReportEngine &mReportEngine)
MPageCollectionrenderReport ()
bool setReportData (QIODevice *)
bool setReportData (const QString &)
bool setReportTemplate (QIODevice *)
bool setReportTemplate (const QString &)
virtual ~MReportEngine ()

Protected Member Functions

void clearFormatting ()
void copy (const MReportEngine *mReportEngine)
void drawDetail (MPageCollection *pages, int level, uint &currRecord)
void drawDetailFooter (MPageCollection *pages, int level, QPtrList< QMemArray< double > > *gDT=0)
void drawDetailHeader (MPageCollection *pages, int level)
void drawPageFooter (MPageCollection *pages)
void drawPageHeader (MPageCollection *pages)
void drawReportFooter (MPageCollection *pages)
void drawReportHeader (MPageCollection *pages)
void endPage (MPageCollection *pages)
MReportDetailfindDetail (int level)
MReportSectionfindDetailFooter (int level)
MReportSectionfindDetailHeader (int level)
QSize getPageMetrics (int size, int orientation)
void initData ()
void initTemplate ()
void newPage (MPageCollection *pages)
void setCalculatedFieldAttributes (MCalcObject *field, QDomNamedNodeMap *attr)
void setDetailAttributes (QDomNode *report)
void setDetMiscAttributes (MReportSection *section, QDomNode *report)
void setFieldAttributes (MFieldObject *field, QDomNamedNodeMap *attr)
void setLabelAttributes (MLabelObject *label, QDomNamedNodeMap *attr)
void setLineAttributes (MLineObject *line, QDomNamedNodeMap *attr)
void setReportAttributes (QDomNode *report)
void setSectionAttributes (MReportSection *section, QDomNode *report)
void setSpecialAttributes (MSpecialObject *field, QDomNamedNodeMap *attr)
void startPage (MPageCollection *pages)

Protected Attributes

int bottomMargin
bool cancelRender
QDate currDate
int currHeight
int currPage
int currY
QPtrList< MReportDetaildetails
QPtrList< MReportSectiondFooters
QPtrList< MReportSectiondHeaders
QPtrList< QMemArray< double > > grandTotal
int leftMargin
QPainter p
int pageHeight
int pageOrientation
int pageSize
int pageWidth
MReportSection pFooter
MReportSection pHeader
QDomDocument rd
QDomNodeList records
MReportSection rFooter
MReportSection rHeader
int rightMargin
QDomDocument rt
int topMargin

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