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void MReportEngine::drawDetailFooter ( MPageCollection pages,
int  level,
QPtrList< QMemArray< double > > *  gDT = 0 
) [protected]

Draws the detail footer to the level.

Definition at line 515 of file mreportengine.cpp.

References currDate, currHeight, currPage, currY, MReportSection::draw(), findDetailFooter(), MReportSection::getHeight(), leftMargin, newPage(), p, MReportSection::setCalcFieldData(), MReportSection::setPageNumber(), and MReportSection::setReportDate().

Referenced by drawDetail().

    MReportSection *footer = findDetailFooter (level);

    if (footer)
        footer->setPageNumber (currPage);
        footer->setReportDate (currDate);
        if ((currY + footer->getHeight ()) > currHeight)
            newPage (pages);

         if (gDT)        
            footer->setCalcFieldData (gDT);
        footer->draw (&p, leftMargin, currY);
        currY += footer->getHeight ();

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